Friday, 29 August 2014

Baby Chickens

If you follow me in Instagram then you'll already know that we made 4 new additions to our family over the bank holiday weekend. On Monday, Mum, Dad and myself got up early and headed over to Derbyshire to pick up 4 little chickens to add to our hen house. And they're soo cute! I think it's time to introduce you to the girls!

We asked for a mixture of colours but ended up getting 3 black Pekins and 1 blonde Frizzle. They are so sweet, and a lot smaller than we expected having only been born in June. 

Chickens are quite territorial (hence the phrase 'pecking order') so we have kept them away from our big girls just for a few days just in case the big chickens get angry and the little ones get bullied. But the big ones have seen the babies and they're not phased by them at all so fingers crossed it should be ok tomorrow when we mix them together!

They're all very sweet but everyone is very impressed with this little lady.


She's got a crazy Afro and she's a typical blonde, getting twigs stuck in her hair and beak. She's so inquisitive and is always at the front of the pack wanting to know what's going on.

She's oh so photogenic, too! I think she quite likes having her photo taken.

I like having a little cuddle. (Please excuse the lack of makeup!)

This is a good photo because you can see the Pekin's feathery feet!

It'll probably be another couple of months before these guys start laying, because they're only chicks really at the moment. 

We just hope that they will mesh well with these ladies!

But I really do think it's going to be aaaaalright. I'll keep you all updated on the poultry situation!

Thanks for reading :)


  1. Haha, awwww, how sweet is frizzy!
    I'd love some chickens in the future - fresh eggs every morning, yummmm xx

    Laura | KUWB

  2. OMG I can't believe how fluffy they are! So cute x