Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Chicken 'n' Ribs

Going out for tea is such a treat, especially when it's to my favourite place to eat in Canterbury, La Trappiste. A few days ago my boyfriend Jules and I went on a special date to celebrate 'half-Valentine's Day' (I know, I know, it doesn't exist, but any old excuse to get dressed up and spend a lovely evening together trying with good food!)

We decided to try something new, as I had spotted an advert in the restaurant the last time I had been that they do an all you can eat chicken and ribs night on the second Thursday of each month. We decided to give it a shot, and my goodness it was good!

We met up an hour or two before the feat to wander around and grab some pudding from a local supermarket, which in the end we didn't end up eating because we were so full! It was lovely just to take our time and chat nonsense to each other, as we normally do. We had a pre-dinner drink and patiently waited for 8pm to draw nearer.

We showed up early and a lovely member of the team showed us to our table right in the window. We could see the whole street going by, and they could see us. It was kind of like being in a goldfish bowl but it didn't matter, we were too busy waiting for the food to arrive.

Slowly other couples and groups of friends began to arrive and take their seats. Right on the stroke of 8, this landed in front of us.

Two pieces of chicken, a jacket spud with soured cream, and the biggest juiciest rack of ribs. We dived in and our conversation was replaced by nods and happy 'mmms'. The best bit by far were the ribs, which were juicy, tender and smothered in a delicious BBQ sauce.

The system goes like this: they deliver your first plate to get you going. Then after that if you would like more, you go up to the chef's serving station, scrape your bones in to the bin provided, and ask for more of whatever you would like. It's like a grown up school dinner system really!

I went up three more times for more ribs, which Jules matched, so we definitely got our money's worth. We both loved it and it was great fun, so we will be returning in the future for more chicken and ribs nights!

La Trappiste is such a lovely environment and I love this painted mural on the wall. 

It's £10 per head for C&R and lasts from 8-10pm, though the poster says it could go on longer if there is lots left. I would advise booking in advance because the night is very popular. 

Highly recommended for those who live in and around Canters!

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