Sunday, 21 September 2014

Festival of the Plough

Hello! Sorry I've been away for a short while. I've been on the move an awful lot and I've migrated back up North(ish) to my family home to have a little R&R.

I'm loving all the home comforts I have to say! I have just had the biggest roast pork dinner and after I've written this I'm going to have some of the Slutty Brownie I made. Heaven! 

Anyway, back to today's blog post. The Festival of the Plough is a big agricultural fair that goes on just outside my village every year at the end of September. I've missed it 3 out of the 3 ysars my family have lived here because I've always been at uni, so when I found out it was going to be on while I was at home I was excited to see what it's all about!

Last year was famously a washout but luckily today was dry and fresh so perfect for walking through the fields to the action. Me, my Mum, Dad and Molly the collie set off.

Wearing my brand new Joules wellies. These things are a dream! So comfy and very very pretty. I bought a pair of Joules' welly socks to wear too but I didn't today as it wasn't quite cold enough yet. In a couple of months time they'll come in!

There was an amazing turn out at the event and as we approached we could see rows and rows of cars, lots of dogs walking their owners and tractors trundling around for the ploughing competition. 

There were plenty of stalls selling cheeses, homemade jam, craft stalls and artisan bread. We keep chickens so as soon as we spotted a chicken tent we were in like a shot! 

There were so many beautiful birds of all shapes and sizes which were being assessed and awarded rosettes by attentive judges. Unfortunately they didn't seem to be selling them as we were looking out for any potential friends to take home with us.

Poor old Molly got spooked quite quickly after we arrived so my Dad had to take her home to calm her, so my Mum and I carried on alone. 

After buying some honey from a friendly local beekeeper Mum couldn't resist signing up for a women's brick lifting competition!

Even wearing her smart jacket she got all the way up to 12 bricks.

But couldn't quite manage the thirteenth to take the title.

Not a bad effort for someone with little arms! Just look at the amazed crowd!

We then went off for a well deserved alcoholic refreshment in the drinks tent. Lager for Mum, Malibu and Coke pour moi.

We had such a lovely day chatting to people and walking all around the stalls. I made one purchase myself and I cannot wait to start using it...

A handmade mouse doorstop! Just how cute is this?! And for just ten pounds too. 

If you live around the North Lincolnshire area you should make time to spend the afternoon at the Festival with your family/friends. I may see you at the brick lifting competition in 2015!


  1. Your mum is awesome! xx

    1. My Mum reads this blog all the time and you have no idea how chuffed she is that you said this xD thanks! :) xo