Saturday, 6 September 2014

The London Eye

There were a million and one things I thought of getting for Jules for his birthday. It's the first of his birthday's which we've spent together so I wanted to get him something extra special. He has loads of different interests which is great but I almost had too many options when I was deciding. In the end I decided to get him and experience and remembered he had said he had never been on the London Eye. I have been on before so I know the drill, but it was nearly 10 years ago, and I really wanted to go along with him to enjoy it all over again.

We travelled from Faversham to Lindon Victoria and seeing as it was such a beautiful day we walked from Victoria to Westminster taking in the sights and delights if the capital.

I booked in advance to make sure we got a slot, which I would highly recommend as you also save a little bit of money doing it this way. Just print out the tickets at home and turn up 45 minutes before your rotation time.

We arrived really early so to keep ourselves busy Jules showed me around the area near Westminster. I've been to London quite a few times in my life but he has been much more than me and knows the city really well, so it was nice to have a personal tour guide.

We lucked in with the weather! After wandering around for a while and having some lunch, we found a sunny spot and chatted and people watched.

The London Eye experience is really well organised and when it was time for us to ride we walked up a bit early and a friendly steward showed us to the correct queue and scanned our tickets in. 

It took about 15-20 minutes from joining the queue to getting in the pod. You have to be quick getting in and out, as it moves faster than I expected! Our pod had just the right amount of people in it, to create a bit of an atmosphere but let us all move around.

We took a couple of mandatory selfies to pass the time until we got high enough to see anything exciting.

The views are amazing! It was a tiny bit misty but you could still see for miles and miles. 

From start to finish the experience lasts 30 minutes. Jules absolutely loved it and it's a lovely thing to do as a couple, so it was lovely to have his first London Eye experience together.

We would both wholly recommend a ride the next time you're in London town!


  1. I've never been on the London Eye!
    I have been toLondon uncountable times, but still have yet to take a trip on it. I must put it on my to-do list!
    Lovely photos, btw :) Your smile is gorgeous xxx

    Laura | elelibee

  2. Thank you so much Laura :D that is so sweet. Oh my goodness you must go the next time you're having a couple of relaxed days in London. Such amazing views of the city! xo