Saturday, 11 October 2014

Feathery and Furry Friends

Home is where the animals are! Last weekend I went with my mum to the next village along to have a look at some new chickens, to get some new friends for our old ones. The nights are drawing in fast now and it's eating chillier day by day, so we wanted to boost our flock so they can all cuddle together at night and keep one another nice and warm. 

The problem is with chickens, there really is a "pecking order" between them and they can be rather nasty when they want to be! If you have smaller/younger chickens they are likely to get bullied and pecked by the bigger and older ones (something we have learned through experience) so we wanted some chunky ones to stand their ground against our original feisty girls!

We have had them nearly a week (!) so now that they've settled nicely I thought it would be nice to introduce you to our new lovely feathery ladies.

And these are the girls we chose!

Aren't they pretty ladies?! The white ones are Sussex hens and the greys are Bluebells. 

We got 2 of each, which is good because our original chickens are still quite bossy! Here is Annie the Maran chasing them away from a feeder... the naughty girl.

This is often the scene - a ginger tearing across the lawn chasing a white hen! The white Sussex's are much more friendly than the Bluebells. The white ones will try and be mates with the gingers but the Bluebells are very timid and know better. It doesn't stop them being chased aswell though! 

Someone is always running away from someone else. It's chaos out there! But they're really fun to watch strutting all over the grass and having a good scratch and a flap.

Our other girls were out and about in the garden to see what was going on.

Tabitha, wearing her camouflage.

Molly the Collie, having a snooze.

As usual I took far too many photos, it was difficult to decide which ones to include so in the end I nearly included them all. The girls are all just too photogenic!

Thank you for reading/looking :)

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