Tuesday, 11 November 2014

NYC Bar & Grill - Bawtry

The NYC Bar & Grill is one of my favourite places to eat right now. Bawtry is a sweet little town not too far away from Epworth where I live, and has a good selection of bars, cafes and restaurants for an after work catch up or relaxed weekend beverage and bite to eat, the NYC being the latest much welcome addition. 

I visited about 6 months ago with my lovely cousins for a girly night, but I've heard mixed reviews since and knew I needed to try it out again just to make sure. It's one for the youngsters with its American Diner style look and the sorts of things offered on the menu (hot dogs, burgers, shakes). 

On arriving friendly staff with iPads took welcomed us and directed us right to the bar. It was a Thursday evening but it was rather busy, so we had a 5 minute wait until one freed up. The waitress sorted us or with drinks in the meantime, and I opted for a bottomless soda. You could choose from any number of drinks, such as vanilla coke, diet cherry coke, the list of drinks alone was quite impressive. The shakes looked very good but I knew I was in for a feast so I held back.

Once we got to our table we were getting peckish so we ordered classic nachos with sour cream, salsa, jalapeƱos and guac to start, which arrived quickly and looked darn good. 

Plenty of molten cheese atop a mountain of toppings and crispy tortillas. The perfect starter really!

For our mains we both opted for sliders, as opposed to one big burger. This way you get a taste of 3 different burgers! I opted for The Rodeo (BBQ sauce, onion rings, bacon, The Mac Burger (macaroni cheese!) and the Original Juicy Lucy (stuffed with melted cheddar). 

The Rodeo was great but the other two were slightly disappointing. There wasn't much topping at all on the Mac slider and the Juicy Lucy didn't live up to its name as it wasn't filled with much cheese at all. I can't help but think this wouldn't be the case of ordered as a full size burger, but as a slider I would say avoid these two. The meat was cooked so well, the chips were great and the toasted brioche buns were divine. Also the burgers come with a side of purple slaw, which was a welcome addition!

We shared an onion ring pole as a side which was great, crispy battered rings which were lovely and hot. My one criticism would be that we could have done with more sauce for dipping. 
The venue is quite small, but very popular because of the quirkiness of the venue and the quality and value of the food. My advice would be don't be a chancer like me and book in advance to avoid disappointment. I will be back. Very much worth a visit if you live in or around Doncaster and like 'Merican food!

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  1. This place looks amazing, I was sold at the Nachos and then when I saw the Burgers I was even more impressed ;) delicious! Great post.

    Camille xo